Next Generation Wallet for Navcoin

NEXT is a fully functional alternative desktop and mobile wallet developed for Navcoin.

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Open Source

NEXT is open source project and everyone can contribute.

Cross Platform

NEXT runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android & iOS.

Fast & Lightweight

NEXT is an extremely fast and lightweight wallet.

Modern User Interface

Easy to use, simple and elegant user interface.

Full Node

NEXT is a wallet that supports full node. You can earn %4 interest with NEXT.

Community Fund

Proposal tab will allow users to view all Community Proposals and/or easily create a proposal.

NEXT Mobile

Designed for daily use

NEXT Mobile is the first mobile wallet that allows the private transactions and Navcoin DAO to be used on mobile devices. You can browse Community Fund proposals, create your own proposals in seconds, and also easily create a payment request for your accepted proposals.

NEXT Mobile generates Navcoin public addresses using bitcore-lib libraries on your device and stores sensitive information, such as private keys, locally. Thus, private keys never leave your device.


You can download latest versions below


Ubuntu 20.04

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